Indiana Evans is known for her roles in Australian TV shows, especially Home and Away and H2O: Just Add Water. However, her popularity has grown since a fanfiction writer pictured her as the main character of her story, which is called After.

Apr / 4 / 2018
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Hey there! We don’t have any news about Indiana (it’s been 3 years since her last project), as far as we know she’s still auditioning in Australia. Anyway, today we bring you some “old” but rare photos of Indi and some old photos with better quality, we hope you like them!

Secrets & Lies (2014) > Stills
31/01 2012 Samsung AACTA Awards, Sydney Opera House
Magazine scans > UNKNOWN SCANS
Home and Away (2004-2008) > Episode Screencaptures > Season 21 (2008)


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