Indiana Evans is known for her roles in Australian TV shows, especially Home and Away and H2O: Just Add Water. However, her popularity has grown since a fanfiction writer pictured her as the main character of her story, which is called After.

Dec / 19 / 2017
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It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore our fears regarding Indiana’s career. After years of lack of public activity on her behalf, we are assuming the possibility that she could’ve quitted acting, modeling, singing and such; at least professionally. What we can tell you all (if you, like us, miss her and are still feeling hopeful about a comeback) is that Indiana is well, according to her sister. But we don’t know anything about what she does for living, or whether or not she has plans to resume her acting career (her most recent project dates from 2015).

Last February, Anna Todd’s words brought the last news we heard about her. Today, we bring you an update about Indiana’s involvement in After, the film based on the books Todd wrote a few years ago, which started off as fan fiction in Wattpad. It saddens us to announce that such involvement may be non-existent, after all. What Todd said (via Instagram) can be summed up like this: she understands the fans want Indiana to play the role of Tessa (since Indiana was the person most people pictured as the character since the beginning); however, the actors need to be chosen carefully, testing talent and chemistry between the two mains.

For us, this sounds like a subtle, not-so-subtle way of letting us know Indiana will not be Tessa. We think that Paramount probably contacted her at first (this movie has been about three years in the making so far), but she most likely refused. Indiana has never been keen on social media, she clearly avoids public exposure, and it seems obvious she wouldn’t want to play a role as big (and, quite frankly, risky) as After‘s Tessa.

From Heart Indiana we were hoping she would say yes, and so we would see her again, sometime, somewhere. At this point, anything would work for us! We are sorry this is everything we have for you, guys. We would like to bring you all better news. Remember that Indiana did not quit acting officially: we are just assuming. But at least, as we said, you can trust us that she is alive and happy.


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