Bea   August 29 2018

Heart Indiana started supporting Indiana in 2009 and we have become a big family ever since. We plan on keeping on supporting her, although we don’t know for how much longer since Indiana hasn’t been involved in any acting projects for two years. We don’t know whether this means she retired as an actor. We would like to maintain the site for a few more months and will eventually close the website if we see Indiana won’t act ever again.

For now, we would like to tell you about a few important changes regarding the site: firstly, we bring you a new layout made by Yukiko from 20thDesigns: simple, plain colors and featuring one of our favorite photoshoots of Indiana and we absolutely love it. We also have a new layout for the gallery which, by the way, has received more than 2 million visitors so far. Thank you so much! Also our new URL is so be sure to find us there. Lastly, we changed our Tumblr‘s layout where we have been uploading edits and gifs of Indiana and we would love for you to follow us. Don’t forget to check our Instagram and Twitter accounts too. Thanks a lot for your support throughout the years (up to 10 years!) and we will see you around.

  Bea   July 26 2018

Today Indiana Evans turns 28! Happy Birthday Indi!
Feel free to leave a Happy Birthday message to Indiana on twitter. We’ll RT your tweets!

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